"Success comes from the desire to improve upon what you’ve already accomplished."


--Todd Maier--

Hockez Edge

Founder & President


Hockez Edge is a  premier training facility that enables players to work on the fundamentals of hockey in an off ice setting.


Focus will be on the basics of hockey:




Stick Handling


We are a grass roots facility that feels there is a need for further skill development. There is a widening gap between the high end athlete and the player that has learned the game at a slower pace. Our aim is to close the gap between these athletes by providing an off ice facility focused on the continuation of skill development.

Spring Hours of Operation:


Monday - Friday







Please visit our booking site for available appointment times.



Skating Treadmill

  • Training & development instruction
  • Technique & stride correction
  • Stamina and endurance skating
  • Incline skating
  • Balance & body control

Skate Sharpening

  • Consistent approach to each and every sharpen
  • Specializing in these widths
        • 3/8"
        • 1/2"
        • 5/8"

Development & Training Facility

Core fundamentals are what hockey is based on.  Bring your skates and develop your shooting, passing, and stick handling on our synthetic ice.  Three separate lanes will help develop these skills, instruction and correction are a part of what we do at Hockez Edge

  • Radar gun to track puck speed
  • Proper shooting technique
  • Stick handling lane to develop quick hands
  • Quick Hands complete stick handling system


Hockez Edge offers high quality accessories from companies who know hockey.

  • tape
  • laces & tighteners
  • Howies wax
  • skate guards
  • Sniper Skin hockey grips
  • Thinnees
  • Hockez Edge gear
  • Sniper hockey sticks
  • Clap Balm hand sanitizer & deodorizer
  • Gear Halo

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